Optometry Career Specialties

Optometry Career Specialties

Contact Lenses/Cornea

Contact lenses and cornea specialists are specifically trained to diagnose and treat corneal diseases and eye trauma, as well as handle all aspects of contact lenses.

Dispensing Opticians

Dispensing opticians fit and adjust glasses for patients and, in some states, may also fit contact lenses.


Geriatric optometrists concentrate their practice to elderly patients and are trained to handle the specific problems older persons may face.

Low-Vision/Partial Sight

Specialists in low vision and partial sight work with patients to prescribe visual assisting devices and teach their proper usage.

Ocular Disease

Optometrists who specialize in ocular disease treat patients with various afflictions, such as acute anterior segment conditions, glaucoma, and retinal diseases.


Ophthalmologists treat eye disease and injury through surgery and other methods. They also examine eyes and prescribe glasses and contacts.


Pediatric optometrists concern themselves with the general eye care needs of infants and young children and specialize in eye problems that affect this population.


Sports optometrists focus on treating the specific needs of athletes, which includes preventing injury, vision therapy, and ensuring overall eye health.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapists help patients improve visual skills through exercises that are aimed at binocular coordination, eye teaming, focusing, and depth perception.

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